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Furnace Repair Lexington KY – Quantum Comfort Heating and Cooling

Furnace repair Lexington KY

We often get asked by homeowners what I can do as a homeowner or check on my furnace for furnace repair Lexington KY myself. We list 10 things that a homeowner can do or check and their furnace as preventative maintenance.

In the furnace, you have the top door, bottom door, and vent; it’ll be a steel vent; if you have a steel vent, you have a chimney. That vent goes out and out the top of your roof. If you have plastic venting PVC pipes, that means the exhaust, and if you have an intake. They will go out the side of your wall of the house.

Your piping your exhaust piping should be in good condition, especially the steel stuff if it’s all rusted out. For example, if you squeeze on it and your hand goes through it, that’s the worst-case scenario, and that isn’t good, but this should be sturdy; nothing should be rusting or corroding. If it is rusting or corroding, it is better to call Quantum Comfort Heating and Cooling for Lexington KY’s furnace repair. Our heating and air Lexington KY technician will get an actual furnace inspection. But do be careful if you have this steel pipe for exhaust. It gets very hot, like 300 400 degrees. So be careful when you grab that pipe, or at least tap on it first to make sure it’s not hot.

Most people will also have central air conditioning, and many people don’t know this, but actually, there’s a coil that sits on top of your furnace. If you have a full-up furnace part of your air conditioner, it looks like a letter A, and it sits right on top like a big radiator. There’s a drain pan on the bottom of it, and usually, it’ll be a clear hose like this, or it’ll be PVC pipe coming out.

When the drain comes out of here, all the humidity that it’s pulling out of your house during the summer runs down into the drainpipe or drain holes and down to the floor drain. Wherever you see the copper pipes, the thin copper pipe will always be bare like that. In contrast, the thick one will have insulation over it (the reason for that is if there’s no insulation that thick pipe it will sweat or condense and start to drip and wherever it’s dripping, of course, it will cause either rust or if it’s towards the ceiling it can make spots in your ceiling).

Suppose you are using an up-flow furnace which means that the return air comes into the side of your furnace and gets pushed out through the top. There are also down flow furnaces that will have the refrigerant coil, also called an evaporator coil. On a downflow furnace, that coil will be below the furnace. There are also the horizontal furnaces mounted horizontally, usually in crawl spaces or attic units, and in that case, the coil will be either on the left or the right side.

You’ll have your power coming in, it’ll either be a steel cable, or it’ll be a solid cable. Often, it’ll be a power switch either right at the furnace or the switch will be further down at the wall somewhere behind the furnace. If you trace the metal cable that’s running from your furnace, track it down usually, you will be able to find where that switch is. If there is no power switch, you need to turn off your circuit breaker to turn off the power to the furnace.

Furnace Repair Problems We Deal With

#1 My Furnace Turns on Then off After a Few Seconds – Dirty Flame Sensor Issue

Flame Sfensor - Furnace repair Lexington
Flame Sfensor – Furnace repair Lexington

Sometimes it seems like the furnace is working. You can hear it turn on. You can even hear the burners coming on, but they only stay on for a few seconds, and they shut right off. So what they’re experiencing is a dirty flame sensor. All that is is a stainless steel rod which will be behind the burners. The flame sensor gets dirty with time, and once there’s enough built upon it, your furnace will stop sensing the flame. All you need to clean this flame sensor is a scotch Brite pad and clean your flame sensor. So you shine that thing up, and it will resolve your furnace problem. If it is not resolved, you can call (859) 230-3995 Quantum Comfort Heating and Cooling for Furnace repair Lexington KY.

#2 My Furnace is not keeping up – Dirty Furnace Filter

The dirty furnace filter is generally going to be on your return duct. Most people have it L-shaped. If for some reason, somebody doesn’t replace their filter for a long time, it’ll get restricted, and the fan will start to suck it in. I’ve seen that a couple of times where the filter gets completely sucked in and wrapped around the motor shaft, then it’s really hard to pry it off. That’s why one side of the filter has a net on it to prevent it from being sucked in. So it would be best if you were changing them every month or two. You can also contact us for your Furnace repair Lexington KY.

#3 Furnace not working – Bad inducer motor

Bad inducer motor - Furnace repair Lexington KY
Bad inducer motor – Furnace repair Lexington KY

The furnace isn’t working at all, and you come down you take off the furnace door, and if you put your hand on the inducer motor a lot of times, it’ll be scorching hot. If the inducer motor is getting 120 volts but not turning on, the inducer motor is bad. The only other scenario is if your motor has something stuck in it like a bird or a mouse or a bat or some birds nest or something like that, and an easy way to check that is sometimes you’ll have a cooling fan in front of your inducer and see if it spins. If it’s spinning freely, that means you probably don’t have anything in there or anything stuck in there, and your inducer motor is just bad. The easy fix for that is to replace the whole inducer motor, and you can always contact our HVAC technician for furnace repair Lexington KY.

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