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Air Conditioner Repair Lexington KY – Top 5 AC Problems

If your air conditioner is not working and you have no idea where to start, you can always call Quantum Comfort Heating and Cooling for AC repair Lexington KY. Our innovative services and tried and tested methods allow us to remain the best HVAC solution and AC repair Lexington KY. So we have listed the top 5 common AC problems and resolutions. You may contact us anytime at (859) 230-3995 for your heating and cooling problems.

#1 Air Conditioner not working – Bad Capacitor

This is by far the most common ac problem. The symptoms of a bad capacitor are usually pretty easy to spot. What will happen is the fan inside the house is going to be running, but it’s going to be blowing hot air or room temperature air, and the unit outside will not be running at all. If you stand by it when you turn your ac on every 30 seconds, you might hear a buzz like the air conditioner is trying to start, but it fails to start if you see something like that; that is almost for sure a bad capacitor.

Bad Capacitor - AC repair lexington KY
Photo of a Bad Capacitor – AC repair lexington KY

Another one that is a bit tricky is when the fan inside is working, and even the fan outside is working, but the compressor is not working. So when the fan runs and the compressor runs, they make a little bit of a different noise. The fan sounds like car window open air blowing, but the compressor makes more of a rumbling sound. So usually, you should be able to hear the difference if it’s just the fan on or if they’re both on the compressor and the fan.

So often, the customer will tell us that everything is working great, but the house is not getting cooled off. The two fans are working when we inspect, but the compressor is not because the capacitor is dead. Once we replace the capacitor, everything fires right up. So if you think that the problem you are having is a bad capacitor, call Quantum Comfort Heating and Cooling at (859) 230-3995 for your air conditioner repair Lexington KY.

Lastly, if your capacitor is rusted out, just full of rust, and you can’t read anything on it. So you don’t know which capacitor to get, then, in that case, you will need an Heating and air Lexington KY technician to fix your air conditioner.

#2 Air Conditioner not cooling enough – Low Refrigerant

The second reason an air conditioner stops working or cooling enough is that it is low on refrigerant. Unfortunately, this problem is a little harder to deal with. Most likely, you will need an HVAC Lexington technician to come out to get that fixed. The most common symptoms of a unit being low on refrigerant is when everything is running, the fan inside is running, everything outside is running the fan and the compressor, yet the house is not cooling off. Maybe it is cooling off, but it just never reaches the set point.

If you have your thermostat set to, let’s say, 75, it never gets there. It just hovers around 78, and it struggles to go down. That could be a sign that your unit is low on refrigerant. But before you jump to that conclusion, we would try washing down the condenser unit, which might be dirty. If you wash it down, that might be all it needs. If you haven’t replaced the furnace filter in a long time, try replacing the filter and see if that makes a difference. If you did that and it’s still not cooling, you will most likely have to call a heating and air Lexington technician.

#3 Clogged condensate drain

This one is the easiest to fix, and usually, the air conditioner works just fine. However, when this happens, the symptoms of that is everything is working great, the house is cool, but when you go down to your furnace or air handler, there’s a big puddle of water under it, and you’re wondering why the heck is that happening?

Usually, it’s because either the hose, condensate drain line, or the pvc pipe is plugged, or the fitting where it comes into a coil is plugged up with bugs, dirt, or leaves. All you have to do is clear that out, and your leaking problem should go away. You can also call Quantum Comfort Heating and Cooling at (859) 230-3995 for your AC repair Lexington Kentucky.

AC repair lexington KY
Photo of AC repair lexington KY

#4 Bad Air Conditioner Control Board

The symptoms of a bad control board may vary, but usually, the furnace or the air conditioner will start doing some really weird stuff. For example, you can have a situation where the control board does not send power to the fan motor inside so that this unit will be running just fine, but the fan inside is not getting any power and what happens then is everything freezes up. To troubleshoot the control board, you may contact heating and air Lexington KY technicians.

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